In 2003, Versa TUBE made history as the first linear, mappable video fixture. The product was created at Element Labs, our cofounder Jeremy Hochman’s visionary first startup where many of our team members were part of the core group bringing Versa TUBE to life. The world soon took notice, and Versa TUBE appeared in award-winning music videos, art installations, Super Bowl halftime shows and beyond.

Years later, when Hochman began working with industry legend Keith Harrison at Revolution Display, the duo saw a gap in the marketplace and decided to improve upon the product by incorporating hybrid cable technology. This gave birth to BLADE in 2011, and many of our team members were once again there at the forefront helping to develop and fine-tune the product.

Harrison and Hochman have since teamed up to cofound Megapixel where they, of course, have their sights set on developing even more boundary-pushing technologies.